impound release information

To Establish Ownership for a Vehicle that is Impounded Please Bring:

  1. The Title or Current registration in your name.
  2. Photo I D: this includes ONLY: US State Issued Driver's License, US State Issued ID, or US Passport
  3. Current Insurance Verification (Please Note: Insurance verification does not prove ownership.)

Do You Have Questions?

  • Regarding the release of your vehicle that is Impounded?  Call Us, Please! If there is no answer, leave a message that clearly states information about which vehicle you are asking about. 
  • About  what you need to bring with you for vehicle release?  See "To Establish Ownership for a vehicle that is impounded" or Call us!
  • Are you: Incarcerated, Hospitalized, or Absent by Distance?  Print out & follow the directs on Letter of Authorization.  It Must Be Notarized.

Letter of Authorization for Second Party Pickup

For Release of your vehicle from our impound lot:

1133 N Garnett Rd Tulsa, OK 74116

The office is open M-F 8am-5pm or call us 918-519-3820.

After normal business hours (M-F 8am-5pm) and most major holiday, you must make an appointment by phone and an after hours release fee will be applied.  So please speak to our dispatcher to get the total amount due, and to have someone at the lot to release your vehicle.

CASH PAYMENT ONLY received for impounded vehicles, please bring exact change.  We try to release as quickly as possible, so please bring all the necessary paperwork required.  This will help us release to you quickly and efficiently.

Mike's Towing, LLC adheres to the laws set and no exceptions will be made.


Need to find your car that is not impounded with us? Click on link below, it will take you the OK DPS website, where you can put in your VIN number and find your car.

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